The Rocky Road to Thekkady

Early morning mist came flooding down the mountains as we tucked into our “Wonderful” Toast. I say Toast.. Slightly warmed bread is a better description.

We decided to take our hosts advice and get 2 buses to Kumily and bypass the need to go into Munnar (and add 2 hours to our journey)

“Come come on” he beckoned and we climbed into his brand new 4×4.

The bus was smaller and the seats smaller so Karen and I sat apart. This was a bad mistake as the windy roads that hugged the the mountainside threw her around like a rag doll.

We made our connecting bus and gave each other a high five. But Ganesh was not smiling on us and our bus broke down. We had to wait for the next one. It was during this part of our journey that John’s bladder came to life and he needed to make an urgent dash to the nearest restaurant. A 10 Rupee bribe later and the Patrons Only rule was waivered 🙂

I dinnae have the power Captain!!

I dinnae have the power Captain!!

They say a watched kettle never boils and while John took his eye off the road the bus arrived. Luckily Karen was on the case and her broad Scottish accent ensured the bus waited for John.

We were back in business and an hour later we descended into the town of Kumily where we downgraded to a TukTuk for the last kilometer of our journey.
Our new home for the next few days was the Kerala House Hotel that was located near the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and we even managed a cheeky room upgrade from the ground floor to the penthouse with private balcony and some fantastic views. Nice!


A small walk around town yielded a cookery class, Elephant Ride and Boat ride bookings for the following day.

The highlight of the evening was the ‘High Tea’ at the local restaurant. Don’t worry viewers.. We haven’t gone all Downton Abbey on you. Due to the lack of license at the said restaurant they had to serve Kingfisher beer in pots of tea which we drink out of cups!!


The next morning we were settled with some lovely breakfast on our balcony that was delivered to our room and this included 8 slices of real Toast.

What a difference a day makes!

As 10am worked its way towards us our lift arrived…

To be continued

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