Into the Delhi of the beast…


Jan 6th 2014. @ 10.15 Local Time. Flight 0121 lands at Indira Gandhi International Airport just outside Delhi,India.

Onboard are two highly trained operatives on a mission…Objective 1: Survive Delhi!

First stop was New Delhi Train Station in the heart of the city. We took the Airport Metro Express (150 Rupees each) and it took 25 mins.

We we didn’t realise how big the station was or how many exits there were. We wandered for a bit until finally some local knowledge pointed us in the right direction. 

We we arrived to our hotel , the Bloom Rooms, and after some quick unpacking headed into Old Delhi and it’s warren of markets and shops. But first we had our introduction to the traffic of Delhi from the back of an auto-rickshaw or Tuktuk ! (More on this topic later on)

We got off the Tuktuk and after a few photos outside the Red Fort ( it is closed on Mondays) we headed down then cacophonous streets of Chandni Chowk.


Where the streets have no name (or signposts)


It’s behind you!!

After a few hours meandering the busy market streets we headed to the more relaxed Connaught Place via manual rickshaw (some old fella huffing and puffing as he carried us).

Originally the administrative buildings of the British in India, Connaught place is now home to vast swathes of Western Capitalism and it is here that our day trip to Agra was negotiated.

Sleepy John

Sleepy John

Next stop Taj Mahal!

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