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rAD-elaide Part 2

July 2018 It had been a number of years since we had been to Adelaide and with some Virgin Australia points to burn we booked ourselves flights down for a weekend. The last time we stayed in Tarndanyangga  we had stayed in a random part of town away from all the action and we remember […]


One of the quirks of living in another country is discovering that sometimes they do not have the same Public Holidays that you are used to. In the UK we were used to celebrating Labour Day on May 1st – to coincide with International Worker’s Day, but in Australia we now celebrate it on the […]

First they took my molar…

For the last 5 weeks John’s tooth has been lose. He knew he needed to get it seen to but he wanted to wait for the right place. Our friend Charya goes to a clinic that is staffed with foreign trained dentists so we got her to book an appointment for John there. It was […]