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Tears In Rain…

Last year Karen and I spent a few amazing weeks in Nepal. Our initial objective was just to go there to do a bit of trekking but we discovered so much more. We spent days getting lost amongst Kathmandu’s labyrinthine streets, discovering temples both hidden and looming before heading to quieter streets in Bhaktapur – […]

Reeling in the Year:2014

Today marks one year since we pulled on our rucksacks and said goodbye to Lucy and Martin in Greenwich, London. We boarded the train to Heathrow with a one way ticket to Perth Australia via Delhi, Bangkok and Bali. Our tummies were tumbling, there was mixture of excitement, fear, sadness and nerves inside. Little did […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

In the medieval town of Bhaktapur in central Nepal there was a toilet door in an inn. Amongst the usual suspects of language describing what was beyond the portal  was a small sign that said “Leithreas”. This is Gaelic – the indigenous language of Ireland – where John hails from!  

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

In Bhaktapur (Nepal), there is a children’s home for disabled children. They also have a guesthouse called Heart of Bhaktapur.   The guesthouse is covered in brilliant art work by the kids.    

Little Bhaktapur

Sorry I have fallen behind with these. When we were in Bhaktapur (Nepal), we witnessed a film crew shooting some scenes for some local production. This jarred a memory from the previous year….. Sitting in the living room of our apartment in Greenwich with Karen’s Aunt Rez (visiting from Brussels), when she told us of […]

Bhaktapur Future

two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I took the one less traveled by Robert Frost   As the early morning rain filtered in through the gaps of the surrounding buildings we jumped into a beat-up Suzuki Maruti for the short ride to our next destination, the medieval town of Bhaktapur. Formerly the capital […]