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The National…

Gallery that is! Near Federation square is a big building that houses the National Gallery Of Victoria (NGV). Founded in 1861 it is the oldest public museum in all of Australia. It owes it’s very early existence to the Gold Rush that occurred at this time and flush with money the Victorians donated vast amounts […]

That’s Melbourne!

That’s Melbourne is the tagline for this great city. One of our favourite things about Melbourne was the random things we saw while we pottered about the city. Sometimes photos tell their own stories! Enjoy.

The Librarian

Melbourne is home to the Victoria State Library. More than just a dusty collection of books, this huge ‘Cathedral of Culture’, has since 1856 been the centre of excellence for the region. Nowadays it functions as a library, museum and an art gallery. Architecturally mind-blowing, the exterior is of Victorian grand design. But this is […]

Roman Holiday

There is probably a huge correlation between the number of times it rains in Melbourne vs the number of museums it has. Luckily (for John) it was raining so we were able to enjoy another museum. This time we would be checking out the ACMI (Australian Centre for Moving Image) in Federation Square First things […]

Walk this way!

Melbourne’s CBD is full of interesting self-guided walking tours. We hadn’t done one of these in a while so we decided to spend some time exploring the alleyways and lane-ways of this great city. Starting in Federation Square we crossed the road to the Flinders Street Station. This is a major landmark in Melbourne, both […]

The 96ers

Melbourne, like all Australian metropolitan areas it seems, has some beach areas. One of the more famous of these is a place called St. Kilda. With the weather behaving we decided to risk going down there and checking it out. St. Kilda was named after the schooner The Lady of St. Kilda (which in turn […]

The Writings On The Wall

If Melbourne is a great city, then there is only one place worth staying in here. That is the funky district of Fitzroy. We were lucky to find a great apartment on AirBnB and stayed with a nice couple from Ireland (Tipperary and Galway). The apartment was right off Brunswick Street, which is where everything […]